Preparing bread in the desert is one of the Bedouin’s most time-honoured techniques of providing nourishment in what can be a very difficult environment to survive and feel happy. The team at MCX and many of their desert expedition customers and companions have all enjoyed this delicious staple food item during MCX’s desert expeditions and adventure holidays. Please enjoy their short video below with simple instructions on how this is done. They’ve also pulled out the various elements of the recipe below in five easy steps…


Instructions for how to make Bedouin bread


1. Preparing the dough

Mix together flour, salt, and water. Bread of nearly all types is made up of 5 parts flour to 3 parts water (plus salt). Combine the ingredients and mix until it stops sticking to your hands.

2. Leave to rest

Leave the dough to rest while you prepare a small fire. Sit back, relax, and chat to your friends!

3. Lay dough on grain sack

Lay dough on grain sack and flatten it to a large disc with an even 1-inch thickness.

4. Rake away hot coals

Rake away the hot coals and place the dough on the hot sand where the coals had been sitting. Rake the coals back on top of the dough and chat some more to your friends.

5. Remove bread from the fire

Carefully rake away the hot coals and remove the bread from the fire. Being careful not to burn yourself scrape off any excess sand and ash.





As well as being delicious, bread has a significance beyond mere nutrition in many cultures in the West and Near and Middle East because of its history and contemporary importance. In fact, the word ‘companion’ comes from Latin com meaning "with" + panis meaning "bread". Check out this article on the cultural significance of bread in various religions.

Look out for MCX’s complete series on Bedouin living techniques in the desert starting soon on the MCX blog and on our various social media channels.

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