Sam arrives in Namibia


1997 - 2000

Starts work as a junior guide for Wild Dog Safaris, operating in Namibia and Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Embarks on three years of courses and exams to get his guides badge, in 1990 starts to plan the Trans Namib Trek.

Elected to the committee of the Namibian Guides Association



Goes freelance as a desert guide in specialising in the Namib and Kalahari deserts in Namibia and Botswana.

He is asked by NATH, to start designing courses for Namibian guides training programme.

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Walks solo and unsupported across the Dune Sea of the Namib Desert, traversing highest dunes in the world. The entire trek, from the Skeleton Coast to Dead Vlei is navigated using a 50 year old map and compass. Sam's gruelling trek is a world first!


Organises private safaris in Namibia and Botswana.


Continues to run private safaris in Namibia and Botswana

August: The documentary of the 2002 Trans Namib Trek - Lost in an Ocean of Sand - is aired world wide on the National Geographic Channel.

November: Sam is invited to talk at the Royal Geographic Society and awarded a fellowship.


June: Sam arrives in the Sinai for Operation Wallacae as Trek Leader, later taking over as country manager.

November: Takes over as Expedition Leader in Patagonia, Argentina for Global Vision International.


Leads a series of exploratory treks in the Sinai, exploring route options, culminating in a crossing of the peninsula from West to East with nine bereaved children from the UK.

November: Invited to talk at the Royal Geographic Society 


Runs a series of treks around the high mountains of St Katherine's. 

October: Invited to talk at St George's Hospital on expedition medicine.


Leads two treks across the desert, from the Temple of Hathor at Serrabiet el-Khadem to Mount Sinai, aptly named - In the Footsteps of Moses.

January: Invited by National Geographic Adventure to talk at the Adventure Travel Show.

June: Tim swims in a charity relay across the English Channel raising over £8,000 for Alzheimer's Society and Lupus UK.



Mount Saint Mary's College expedition circumnavigates the Great Ring Dyke and summits Mount St Katherine's, the highest peak in Egypt.

Sam accompanies his father on his very last desert trek along with their old friend, Abu Radi.


July: Tim climbs Mont Blanc, again raising money for Alzheimer's Society and Lupus UK.


July: Sam leads ten people 350 miles, unsupported along the infamous Skeleton Coast of Namibia, surviving by desalinating sea-water every day. 

Eventually the team crosses the dune sea to the RV point in one of the wildest places in Africa, the Kaokoveld, and in doing so complete a world first!

September: Sam and Mark Hakansson canoe 400 miles from Kendal to London using the canals, rivers and estuaries, raising money for Just a Drop along the way.


June: Sam is Chief Leader for the British Exploring Society's Sinai expedition. Forty disadvantaged youngsters walk west to east across the Peninsula in summer, supported by the Bedu and camels.


June: Tim rejoins his open water swimming teammates to successfully swim 21 miles across the Catalina Channel, California.

July: Once again Sam returns as Chief Leader for the British Exploring Society's first Namibia expedition. Seventy young people and staff spend six weeks in this remote location trekking and completing science projects.

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August: Tim cycles over 400 km, crossing the Alps from Geneva to Milan.


December: Sam does a recce to Oman

November: Nominated for the "World's Leading Extreme Adventure" at the World Travel Awards

Invited to talk at Explorers Connect

Made a member of the British Exploring Society.


July: Sam leads British Exploring Society's second Namibia expedition. Another 60 young people and staff, three tons of rations and 15,000 litres of water are all shipped into a remote base camp on the edge of the Namib Desert.

October: Sam leads a recce to the Western Desert, Egypt

February: The Trainee Leader Program starts at the British Exploring Society.

Tim joins the British Exploring Society on their Trainee Leader Programme in Namibia. Tim later becomes a member of the British Exploring Society.

December: A recce takes place in Jordan exploring the possibilities of a trek in Laurence's footsteps, The Road to Mudawarra.

November: Nominated for the "Worlds Leading Adventure" at the World Travel Awards for a second time.


February: The second year intake of the Trainee Leader Program at the British Exploring Society 

April: In the Footsteps Lawrence to Jordan with cadets from 2427 Sqn, Biggin Hill, cross the desert form Wadi Rum to Mudawarra on the Saudi boarder.


March: Tim is selected for the Land Rover Next Generation Explorer Challenge in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Discovery vehicle.

This includes a weekend with Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Kenton Cool, Hannah White and Eric Loizeau comprising off-road driving, shooting, man-hauling sleds, digging snow holes and kayaking.


June: Tim returns to the Alps, cycling 1,000 km from London to Chamonix, through Champagne and Dijon.


July: Sam returns as Chief Leader for the third and final British Exploring Society core expedition to Namibia.

In the same month Tim completes his second English Channel relay swim.

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November: Nominated for the "Worlds Leading Adventure" by the World Travel Awards for the third time.

Invited to become a member of the Explorer's Club and is made vice chair of the UK chapter.

Invited to talk at the Scientific Exploration Society on the Neolithic Rock Art of the Brandberg region in Namibia.

December: Sam completes the Sinai Christmas trek before returning to support Tim during his 24 hour non-stop cycle around the parks of London, involving 24 hours of moving time without getting out of the saddle!


January: Sam is invited to do a recce to Fujairah, part of the United Arab Emirates.

February: Sam co-runs the third successful year of the Trainee Leader Program at the British Exploring Society.


March: Tim completes 14 days of core Arctic skills training in Svalbard with Northern Exposure.


November: Sam heads to the Peruvian Amazon on the latest consultancy job as part of a recce.

November: The previous year's Jordan expedition is winner of both the Shackleton Award and the Ulysses Trust Award for the best Reserve Forces expedition of 2014.

Sam is invited to talk at the Royal Geographical Society on the latest expeditions.

Nominated at the National Adventure Awards, for Leadership and Best Service Provider awards.

Nominated for the "Worlds Leading Extreme Adventure" by the World Travel Awards for the fourth year in a row.


December: Sam begins learning to fly Robinson 22 and Robinson 44 helicopters at the age of 50, a lifelong ambition realised.



April - Sam & Tim lend their expertise to the Legendary Motorcycle Adventures team in Spain. 

May: Sam and Tim take part in a recce for the Pillars of Hercules Race, a high adrenaline event which includes scaling mountains in Spain and Morocco and kayaking around the coastline of Gibraltar.

June: Sam joins Tim in Spain to undertake a recce in the Badlands of Gorafe, exploring the Hollywood Western style landscapes on foot accompanied by mules and donkeys. Truly the Wild West of Europe.


Tim plays an instrumental role in the founding of the Lake Geneva Swimming Association and is appointed Chairman.

July: Sam teams up again with the British Exploring Society to supervise the Derbyshire County Council outreach programme expedition to Namibia.


September: Sam drives the support vehicle and is safety officer and medic on the Legendary Motorcycle Adventures press trip to the high Atlas in Morocco.

Meanwhile Tim completes his mountain guide training in Granada with the Centro de Estudios de Deportes de Invierno (CEDI).

McX World's Leading Extreme Adventure 2016 World Travel Awards

October: McX is nominated for the World's Leading Extreme Adventure for the fifth year runningHead to head against the Bear Grylls Survival Academy!

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November: Sam completes the recce of Egypt's eastern desert and secures permissions to cross it in 2017 

Sam & Khaled are made members of the Egyptian Geographical Society