Desert Expeditions

MCX has a proven track record as a provider of the highest quality experiences, boasting strong and continuing relationships with world-leading institutions in youth development and exploration, including the Royal Geographical Society, the British Exploring Society and Scientific Exploration Society. Constantly performing in accordance with its founding values of trust and integrity, MCX strives to create a positive impact through adventure, guiding each person on a journey beyond their physical and mental boundaries.

The bones of the earth

Dates (15 days)

1 - 16 May 2021
31 July - 15 August 2021


£5,800 per person (excluding flights)

In terms of desert treks, the 'Namib' desert offers one of the most unique and beautiful environments. This coastal desert in southern Africa is thought to be somewhere between 55 and 80 million years old and could be the oldest desert in the world. It stretches for more than 2,000 km across Angola, Namibia, and South Africa. In fact, the name Namib is of Nama origin and means "vast place".

Sands of Arabia

Dates (10 days)

23 October - 1 November 2020
26 March - 4 April 2021


£2,500 per person (excluding flights)

Oman is an Arabian gem and a hot-spot for adventurous travellers. The towering sand dunes of the Wahiba Sands provide a stunning backdrop for a truly unforgettable adventure travel experience. Learn how to live in the desert from local Bedouin families and immerse yourself one of the world's most challenging yet beautiful wildernesses.

Journey back in time

Dates (9 days)

7 - 15 November 2020
6 - 14 February 2021
5 - 13 November 2021


2,900 € per person (excluding flights)

Egypt's Eastern Desert stretches southwards from the Sinai peninsula to the border of Sudan, covering a narrow area between the Red Sea and the Nile Valley. It is home to a rich variety of ancient cultures and traditions. Discover roman ruins, and pharaonic inscriptions, and experience the Bedouin way of life in one of the world's most stunning desert landscapes.

The Badlands

Dates (4 days)

25 - 28 September 2020
18 - 21 February 2021
3 - 6 June 2021


600 € per person (excluding flights)

A desert trek experience unlike any other in Spain, Granada's prehistoric canyons and valleys transport you back in time. This land has played host to over 20 generations of people from a rich blend of origins, cultures, and religions. The landscape here is staggeringly beautiful and provides the perfect opportunity for desert travel, allowing you to disconnect completely and recharge the soul.