11 or 22 Days | Moderate


  • The Wadi Gamal
  • Pre-dynastic rock engravings near Wadi Maya
  • Roman fort ruins and the quarries at Umm Balad
  • Traditional felucca journey along the Nile
  • Completely supported by local Bedu and their camels

The Eastern Desert of Egypt lies between the Red Sea and the Nile, with its southern boundary being defined by the Sudanese boarder. Trekking an average of 15km a day and accompanied by camels throughout, we hope to cover the distance in 13 days, giving us time to stop and admire the pre-dynastic rock art and Roman ruins that dot the desert.

The Badlands - Spain

8 Days | Gentle


  • Palaeolithic burial tombs
  • Work with rare breed donkeys
  • Camp by the natural aqueduct of El Toril
  • Traditional Flamenco spectacle
  • Andalusian cuisine
  • Stargazing evening with astronomers

The Badlands or 'Las Malas Tierras' are a hidden gem in the heart of southern Spain encompassing an area bursting with history that stretches back thousands of years. Once immersed in the Badlands it’s hard to believe you’re still in Europe.


  • The infamous Skeleton Coast
  • The oldest desert in the world
  • Star studded nights
  • Desert adapted flora and fauna, such as elephant and Welwitschia mirabilis
  • Traditional Namibian Cuisine at basecamp

A challenging expedition that takes you across the formidable Namib Desert, walking over 100km through plunging canyons and sweeping plains to the Skeleton Coast.

The Road to Mudawarra - Jordan

8 or 12 Days | Moderate


  • Wadi Rum and it's amazing sandstone Inselbergs
  • Star studded nights
  • The Rub al-Khali
  • Mudawarra, famous for Lawrence's attacks on the Hejaz railway
  • The old Turkish garrison
  • Tooth Hill, where Lawrence had his secret desert camp

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a place of wonder for ancient travellers, continues to enthral a whole new generation. Known as the stage for Lawrence of Arabia and the heroic tales of his 'daring do' during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire. It is also home to the breathtaking ancient monument carved from stone, the city of Petra.

16 Days | Challenging


  • Trekking with the Bedouin
  • Ancient Nebatean ruins and the Temple of Hathor
  • World famous Bedouin hospitality
  • Traditional Bedouin cuisine
  • The world's oldest surviving monastery - St Katherine's
  • The Forest of Pillars

All three of the West's great religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - know Sinai as a holy land, a vast expanse traversed time and again by prophets, saints, pilgrims, and warriors. The Sinai is most familiar to many as the "great and terrible wilderness" through which the Israelites wandered for forty years.

10 Days | Challenging


  • The White, Black and Crystal Deserts
  • Unique rock forms eroded over millenia
  • Oases and springs used by camel caravans for thousands of years
  • Ancient Roman and Pharaonic ruins
  • World class star gazing
  • Bahariya oasis town

Explore this enchanted desert located to the west of the bustling city of Cairo and the final resting place for dozens of unaccounted aircraft.


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