Bushcraft and Storytelling - The Badlands Recce



  • Palaeolithic burial tombs
  • Working with rare breed donkeys
  • Camp by the natural aqueduct of El Toril
  • Traditional Flamenco spectacle
  • Andalusian cuisine
  • Learn essential desert bushcraft skills
  • Work your own showreel in a stunning landscape


14 - 21 October


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The Badlands of Gorafe are a hidden gem in the heart of southern Spain encompassing an area bursting with history that stretches back thousands of years. On expedition we are supported by rare breed Andalusian donkeys who carry our team equipment each day, whilst each team member carries their own personal equipment including food and water for the day. We aim to complete most of the day's walk in the morning to avoid the heat of the day, during which we rest up, practice making fools of ourselves in front of camera and explore what the incredible local surroundings have to offer.

Accompanying us is the local arriero (a traditional pack animal handler) who ensures proper handling of the animals and teaches us how to prepare our food each day. We have the fortune to visit Palaeolithic tombs over 6,000 years old, watch the colours of the sunset over the awe-inspiring Colorados and visit a naturally occurring aqueduct formed over thousands of years by water sediment deposits.

Our final night is spent in town and celebrated at the local venta with delicious local food and a traditional flamenco spectacle.





Day 1: Depart UK to Almeria (LEI). Transfer to hotel in Gorafe and prepare camera equipment for hike the next day.

Day 2: Breakfast at the hotel followed by a briefing from your McX guide on the surrounding Badlands. Recap of filming essentials before a short afternoon hike to a nearby cave and first night's camp. Prepare a traditional Andalusian dinner over the campfire and watch a glorious autumn sunset before the night stars appear.

Day 3: Early breakfast and morning trek into the Badlands. In pairs practice filming and presenting in front of camera. Together with our arriero try out different bushcraft techniques including finding water, making fire, living off the land and making a traditional bow and arrow. In the afternoon learn how the essentials skills of how to make your own shelter using just the resources around you. 

Day 4: Slowly make our way into the heart of the Badlands, where we set up camp overlooking the stunning Los Colorados cliffs. Here is where you can truly appreciate the difference of travelling on foot, enjoying the surroundings in the most up close and personal way.

Day 5: After more bushcraft skills and working the camera we find ourselves at the ominous Cueva de los Bandoleros or 'bandit cave'. Listen in awe to the stories-turned-legend of the bandits and their struggle against a corrupt establishment!

Day 6: Trek to see a naturally occurring and ancient aqueduct, carved out of the landscape and towering ove 20ft tall! Enjoy a contrasted evening from the desert, camped out in the lush surroundings of the natural spring.

Day 7: Discover ancient Palaeolithic burial tombs (a perfect opportunity to practice your camera presenting skills!) before arriving back to Gorafe to bid farewell to our donkey support team, enjoy a shower and visit the town. In the evening celebrate with a delicious dinner of home cooked Andalusian food while enjoying a flamenco spectacle.

Day 8: Say our goodbyes and depart for Almeria and the UK.


  • All in-country transfers
  • Hotel accommodation
  • All food on expedition
  • Support team of arriero and donkeys
  • Permits
  • McX guides
  • Professional private expedition filming tuition
  • The top need-to-know essential desert bushcraft skills

Not Included

  • Flights
  • Meals in town
  • Beverages in town
  • Personal kit
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Tips


Q: Do I need a visa?

A: No. EU citizens do not need a visa for Spain.

Q: What vaccinations do I need?

A: A full list of required vaccinations can be found here. Use our discount code to get 15% off all vaccinations.

Q: Where do I fly to and who with?

A: The most convenient airport is Granada (GRX) or Almeria (LEI) with cheap, direct flights from London available with easyJet. We recommend teams coordinate to travel together for safety and convenience.

Q: Where do I go from the airport?

A: An McX leader will meet you and the team at the airport and transfer with you to our first night's stay at Gorafe.

Q: What's the security situation like in Spain? Is it safe?

A: Where we operate in Spain is remote and there is a low risk of outside interference. Nevertheless full precautions must be taken to avoid any conflict with local wildlife. We take your safety very seriously and a full detailed risk assessment will be sent out to team members well in advance. For up to date foreign travel advice on Spain click here.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: You will need the basics for walking several hours in the sun over rough terrain. A full detailed kit list is available to team members upon request.

Q: How fit do I have to be?

A: We recommend team members are able to walk up to 10km per day and carrying a pack of 10 kilos for five days.

Q: What will the food be like?

A: In base camp and while trekking we eat a variety of delicious home-cooked and freshly prepared Andalusian dishes . On travel days in Gorafe we enjoy the local dishes available at the hotel and local restaurant, 

Q: I have special dietary requirements. Are you able to cater for me?

A: With advance notice we can ask our arriero to try and cater for specific requirements. We try and cater for everyone so please do get in touch with us in advance.

Q: Can I extend my trip?

A: Of course! Any modifications to the itinerary should be discussed with us beforehand and we can recommend you to our in-country tourism providers.

Q: Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me from coming?

A: We have a strong policy of inclusion and try to accommodate everyone as best we can. We therefore insist on complete transparency regarding any past and present medical conditions. Any concerns you have please contact us directly and we will be happy to speak to you in private.


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