The Badlands

To see the arid wilderness of the Badlands is to see Andalucia with new eyes. Leave behind all your preconceptions and embark on an adventure holiday designed to help you disconnect and regenerate your soul. Let the allure of Granada’s prehistoric canyons and valleys transport you back in time. Imagine the sound of a Spanish guitar lilting across the hills of Al Andalus, in the heart of ancient moorish kingdom. Feel beneath your feet the earth which bore fruit to a rich blend of people, culture and religion from both East and West, for over 20 generations. Build your own shelter, have a go at living off the land and orientate yourself by the stars exactly as the first inhabitants did tens of thousands of years ago. This is a unique desert travel adventure and one of the most fulfilling activity holidays abroad that we offer. 

Dates (4 days)

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600 € per person (excluding flights)

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