About Us


about us

At MCX we believe in the life-enhancing benefits of desert expeditions and adventure travel. Our mission? Create a positive impact on people’s lives through adventurous activity holidays.

Each desert journey we host focuses on disconnecting, learning new skills, and having fun. Join us in the desert and we will invite you to experience something different, mix up your routine a little bit and forget about work, just for a while.

With over 25 years of combined experience organising desert expeditions, we are one of the best teams out there offering exclusive destinations and incredible itineraries. Travelling with MCX is about beginning a journey of personal growth, through challenge, and in the context of ancient local culture, where you reach beyond your own individual limits and discover what truly matters to you.



Sam’s passion is the desert. Always eager to learn, his years leading desert expeditions make up one part of a lifetime of continued personal development. From the Namib Desert in southern Africa to the Wahiba Sands in Oman, Sam has led hundreds of teams across some of the toughest terrain on the planet. When not camping out under the desert sky, Sam takes an active role in the development of young people, having worked for over five years with the British Exploring Society to provide training and mentoring.





Tim is a keen expeditions traveller with a passion for exploration and travel to remote places. His first taste of desert expeditions was in Namibia with the British Exploring Society, a truly formative experience in his life which has led to more expeditions and a great appreciation of the outdoors. Tim is keen on ‘slow travel’, and believes there is nothing quite like hiking and camping out under the stars to really help people get away from it all and disconnect from their busy lives. As well as sharing his experience with others, he loves to discover different perspectives and hear new stories from the people we travel with.